Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

Spring has been a long time coming this year.... and I think it's safe to say that it's FINALLY here?  at least I think it's here....

We spent Easter weekend with -30C temperatures, so there were no Easter Egg hunts outside with cute spring dresses to be had.  Instead, we were bundled up in 17 layers of clothes, checking on cows since we had just started calving, all the while, hauling buckets of water because our well decided that Good Friday would be a great time to quit.  Excellent. 

So between the ridiculously cold weather, lack of running water, and animals that wait until the coldest possible night to have a baby, it felt....different.  Exhausting.  Frustrating. 

But, as in everything, there was much to be thankful for... We have a livestock well, so we could access some water for the critters;

We have a really, really cute outhouse that we could use during the day, and we have really great neighbors who let us shower at their house as well as fed us Easter dinner and also drilled us a new well.  Hooray for that! 

Sidenote:  Since they had to trench 8 ft. down to hook up the new well to the old lines, we've been left with some extra projects to do this spring.  Don't you just love projects?  Especially ones that you just did 2 summers ago?  Sigh.  So great. 

When spring feels like it's a long time coming, I find I do things to trick myself into thinking we're "further along" than we really are.  I pull my house apart and put out all my spring decorations - chicks and eggs and brightly colored quilts. 

I also plant seeds.... and every year, Art tells me, "It's too early to plant!", and every year I don't listen to him.  This year was no different, so I think I'll be replanting seeds again soon... these will be much too big, too soon!

Now that spring is here, and it is (don't tell me otherwise - I refuse to believe it!), we'll spend the next few weeks trying not to complain about the mud, we'll walk outside in t-shirts when it's 5C, and we'll anxiously await the arrival of the first bit of green to show up. 

And if we're really lucky, one of the 200 tulips that I planted and replanted 5 times in the fall will make an appearance! 

Happy spring, y'all!