Friday, July 27, 2012

New Lamps

I bought these old oil cans at an auction last summer, and they've been sitting around my garage for the last year, patiently waiting for me to make them into something useful.  I've also had a lamp kit patiently waiting for me to use it.  This past week, I (actually, my miracle working hubby) drilled some holes, added some silicone and made some magic.  Here is the result!

I actually made 3 of these.  Two of them are small, and I have a larger one.  I've been searching the globe for lamp shades, and this one is (I think) a winner....unless I can find one I like better. 

Each of these little ones went in one of The Girls' rooms, and the other large one went into our room.  I have yet to find a shade that will work with the big one, but eventually, I'll find one!

Here's to re-using old junk!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicken Mansion

We've had many, many projects this summer.  The biggest project has been building a new chicken mansion to house our new flock of chickens.  We looked and looked and researched and researched, and finally ended up deciding to build our own mansion.  The first reason was that it was most cost effective to do so, the second reason was that we wanted to be able to build it very specifically to what we wanted.  Here is the finished project!

There are a few most details to take care of, but it's pretty much complete.  I bought a weather vane to put on top of the mansion, so that'll add to the charm of it!

Right now, we have close to 40 chickens in there.  20 meat birds which will be butchered next week (thank heavens, those things are fat.  and ugly!), and then 20 layers.  The layers will think that they're living the good life once the meat birds are gone, there will be so much room!

The structure is 10 ft. x 16 ft., so there's lots of room inside to store food and other chicken paraphernalia.  We've also put up a fence around the outside for the birds to be outside and get some fresh air, so they're loving that!

The mansion is painted barn red, and it's everything I dreamt it would be!

Friday, July 13, 2012

My Kitchen Window

I was cleaning up the dishes from dinner the other day, looked outside my kitchen window, and this is what I saw...

A teenager, hanging out on our back lawn.  We shushed the Girls, and sat and watched him for a while.... I think he might be lost, because normally where there's one deer, there's more.  But there were no more....just him, and his fuzzy little antlers starting to grow.  Perhaps he's the rebellious one?  Wants to take off on his own?  Spread his wings?  I dunno....

Since then, we've seen him almost every day.  I think he likes the Girls....

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Existence

It feels as though we are in the throws of summer here, which means more time outside, less time on my computer! We've had my 17 yr. old nephew here for a few weeks, so I've been driving him to job interviews and day jobs. Then, my parents were here for a week, and we hosted my dad's side of the family for the weekend for a family reunion. The weather has been blissfully hot, so that means sprinklers and popsicles and cool baths at night. It also means thunderstorms that go on sll night long, Girls in our bed, cuddling and listening to the rain. Tank tops and sunscreen and tan lines, towels being washed constantly...this completes my existence these days. Summer. I love it!