Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Everything Changes

Well, it's been a full couple of months around here, and it's going to stay that way for at least another few.... Here's the scoop:

After over 2 years of relentlessly looking, we (finally) found ourselves some property!!  We bought a small farm about 45 minutes south west of where we currently live, right smack dab in the middle of nowhere!  We couldn't be more thrilled, and we are knee deep in the middle of moving.  The couple who owned the property before us are in their 80's, and retired, but couldn't keep it up any more.  They built the house on the property, as well as planted all the trees, shelter belt, etc.  The property is very well maintained, but the house definitely needs some updating, as do the numerous outbuildings. 

We took possession last week, on my birthday (Happy Birthday to me, for the rest of my life!!), and my folks came out to help start ripping things apart.  We got all the doors and trim pulled out, the carpet ripped up, a few walls ripped down and doorways expanded.... heck, we made a giant mess!  We are having a beam put in the ceiling today (turns out one of the walls we started to rip out was a load bearing wall...oops!), a new tread of stairs are being made (they were the stairs of death!), and the concrete is being poured for a shop tomorrow.  We should have the shop built before we move in on June 7th, and next week, the hardwood flooring in the house is being laid.  It is exciting and nerve wracking and exhausting and exhilarating.  The land is really very pretty, with a creek running through the property, everything is fenced and cross fenced and all set up for cattle and horses.  After much dreaming and planning, it looks like we are going to be starting on our next adventure!

With all that going on, you'll have to excuse my lack of posting over here.  Truth be told, the only reason I'm writing a post today is because I'm procrastinating.... I really don't love packing!  We've been out at the farm every evening and the whole weekend since we took possession, and then during the day I try and get more stuff packed at home here, to take over to the farm.  I keep reminding myself, "In another 2 months, it's going to be awesome!!"  I am looking forward to keeping y'all updated on our new adventure once we get in and settled....

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stephanie said...

What a grand new adventure for you!! Enjoy it all!