Wednesday, July 6, 2016

The Never Ending Job

We've been planning, since last summer, to do a major fencing project this spring.  We wanted to fence both sides of the creek which runs through our property, and although some of it was fenced, there was lots that needed to be repaired or replaced.  Since the creek bed is an environmentally sensitive area, we also want to limit when and how much time the cows have to graze it, and limit their access when it's most vulnerable - in the spring. 

The majority of our free time these days has been spent doing the preparation for the fencing project, and it feels like the work is never ending!  We had to mark out where we want the fence to go, clear a 10 ft. wide swath through the bush, take out all the old fencing nails and posts, and wind up the wire.  Oy.  In addition, we had to repair a bunch of fencing on another grazing quarter in order to be able to move the cows to that pasture so that we could pull out the old fencing around the creek.

Thankfully, the weather has been a bit cooler, although lots of rain has definitely increased the mosquito population around these parts.   During the day, I had my fencing crew help me come and pull the nails.  Those little fingers worked well, and the Girls actually quite enjoyed that job!

I love the look of concentration on their faces!

Art (a.k.a. Mr. Patient) took lots of time to teach the girls how to repair broken or loose wires, and they caught on quickly to that as well.

I don't think we've been in before 10 pm any night this week, and a couple of the girls even fell asleep in the ranger as we drove home, but everyone felt quite proud of the job that we have done.

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