Friday, March 1, 2013

Another Birthday!

February is a full month of birthdays for us, and Ellie Mae's finishes it off.  She turned 6 this year, and oh my, she's quite a little character.  She loves learning to read, and has just started swimming lessons, so that's very exciting too.  She is my good little helper, and is very affectionate with the people she loves.
For the month leading up to her birthday, every day, I would ask her, "Ellie Mae, what would you like for your birthday?"
"Camo."  Was her standard answer.
"A camel?"  I would say.
"NO!  Camouflage!  So I can go and hunt the fox with Daddy!"
Well, her birthday wish came true!  Between Nana and Grandpa, her sisters, and us, the girls is DECKED OUT and ready to hunt!

Happy Birthday, baby Girl!

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