Friday, March 22, 2013

Random Pictures

Art's aunt sent me a few pictures from the wedding we just attended in Kelowna.  I chuckled as I looked at them. 
Here's Art and I, probably being ridiculously inappropriate and having a good time...
The picture is of Art and his brother, the father of the bride.  Jeepers, if you'd talk to either of those guys on the phone, you wouldn't know who it was, they sound so much alike!

How great to be able to celebrate this special day with them!
In other news, we survived the crazy snowstorm yesterday.  Thankfully, every commitment that we had was cancelled due to weather so we didn't miss anything, 'cuz there was no way I was going to leave my house!  I think we got over a foot of snow!  Highways were closed, ridiculous accidents all over the place.... Happy Spring!

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