Sunday, July 7, 2013

Meet Frank.

Meet Frank.

Frank is the newest member of our family.  We planned a little Goerzen Family Adventure on Saturday to pick him up.  Frank's from BC, but we met the breeder in Cochrane to get him.  Frank is an Anatolian Shepherd, who's job will be to guard the Girls and the chickens.  Here's hoping we'll stop losing chickens to the crazy fox(es) who roam our place!

Frank is 11 weeks old, and oh, so cute!  He's was a bit shy when we first met, but has quickly warmed up to our family.  We got lots of love from the Girls on the drive home, and him and Moses are making friends.  Truthfully, I think Moses feels a bit jilted, but he'll be fine. 

They say, with puppies, you're supposed to introduce them to 100 new things in 100 days.  Well, the last 2 days have been chalked full of new things.  Yesterday, we took him into one of our favorite stores, Irvine's, to find him a dish.  Today, we took him for a ride in the ranger.  I think he liked it!

They also say that puppies are like babies.  Hopefully it doesn't take 6 weeks for him to be sleeping through the night, but I'm not gonna lie....last night was a bit rough!  We put him out in the dog run for night, and he howled and howled.  Poor little guy, I think he missed his 9 brothers and sisters!  Art brought him in at about 4 am to sleep inside for a bit, so hopefully our neighbors won't hate us...  He definitely likes it inside better than outside!
So far, Frank has shown himself to be fairly intelligent.  He knows not to come off the front carpet in the house, and he's learning to walk on a lease, and recognize his name.  The Girls have spent the whole day playing with him, and in true puppy fashion, he's tuckered out. 
Welcome to the family, Frank.

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