Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Spring Has NOT Sprung

Well, after that last post about how warm and wonderful the weather has been, Old Man Winter wanted to remind us that he's still hanging around these parts....most likely for a while.  We had our driveway down to asphalt in some place, the snow around the trees was starting to recede a wee bit, and the dogs found a few patches of brown grass to lay in the sun and start working on their tan.  Until last week, that it.... I knew that we weren't done with winter, and I knew that when the cold and snow came again, it'd feel doubly rotten since we had been having spring-like conditions.  All of these things I knew....and yet, I found myself biting my tongue to not complain about the blizzard we had last week.  I think we received about 8 inches of snow.  It was very pretty....and very cold!  I got the fire crackling, put on my warmest sweater and socks, and tried to stay home.   In the midst of it all, I'm not gonna lie....the snow is beautiful! 
Because of the warm weather, I actually had a few trees that also had been fooled into thinking that spring had sprung, and therefore had started to bud.  Here's hoping they won't be too traumatized...
I don't know that I'll ever tire of seeing sunrises....
...or sunsets

We definitely have some "old charm" on this farm of ours.  I just love these old, hand painted signs that are placed at various points around our land.... Friendly and welcoming, don't you think?

The steers secretly loved this blizzard.  Ok, maybe not...

....but they sure are cute!
The Girls found a new pastime.... jumping off the deck into a deep snow pile.  They kept shoveling to fluff up the snow a wee bit, and had loads of fun!

I'd like to hope that this is our last major snowfall, but alas, this is Alberta.  And I know that can't possibly be true.  Winter roads, studded tires and slow moving snowplows are a way of life for us hearty ones, and we'll be seeing them for a few more months yet, around these parts.   


It makes the idea of spring so much sweeter though, doesn't it?

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