Monday, May 6, 2013


This past week, we headed down to Fairmont for a week of rest, relaxing, and having some fun.  We met up with my folks at a time share there (the same one we went to last year) to celebrate the end of school. 
This year, we went with a bit of a different plan.  We still did some of the same things, like going for walks, looking for golf balls on the golf course, geocaching, getting ice cream, going to the hot springs, and playing on the playground...

...but we also tried something new....
We took the quads!  It involved a lot of extra planning, but it was well worth it!  This was the first time that my Mom had ever been quading, and it was a great place to go.  There were logging roads galore, and we found a couple of different rivers, lakes, and even mountain ranges to visit. 
Some of the places we trekked were a bit sketchy, but we made our way threw the tough points and were rewarded with wonderful vistas, cold creeks, and spectacular scenery!

We crossed mountains...

...and creeks...

And, like any good family adventure, there were a few harried moments.  After all, what is an adventure without a little bit of scariness, and getting to conquer some of our fears! (at least that's what we told our kids after we had gone down the side of this mountain!)


It was a new kind of holiday, one that we enjoyed very much!  We got to see some places that we wouldn't have been able to experience otherwise (at least without much blood, sweat and tears!).  We saw a bit of wildlife, had many snacks along the way (again, what good is an adventure without good food!), and build some memories with our family.
We also had an early celebration of Miss Molly's birthday, together with my parents. 
Once we left Fairmont, we stopped in at Cross Iron Mills in Airdrie to do some shopping and get a tire fixed (oops!  Sorry about that!), and then spent the night in a wonderful cabin, visiting some friends of ours.

The cabin worked great for our family, with a loft upstairs with a queen bed, and then on the main floor, a bedroom with bunk beds for the girls.  The views, this time, were of the prairies, and we thoroughly enjoyed spending some extended time with dear friends.  We left them after dinner on Saturday evening, and, after a (relatively) quick stop at our favorite tack store, we made it home late that night. 
As much as it's fun to go away, it's always great time come home....especially now that our snow has melted!  

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Ritz said...

I love that pix of you coming down the steep mtn cliff in your Ranger! Such good photography!