Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Last Hurrah!

Since it was the last weekend of summer, we decided we needed to have one last "Hurrah!" before we start school this week.  So on Saturday, we loaded up the kids and quads and headed out to Brule Lake area, right close to Jasper.  We had asked some friends to join us with their family, and so after a 3 hr. drive, we arrived, mid morning to our destination.  Between the 12 of us, we had 2 rangers and 5 quads, so we were a force to be reckoned with (a slow moving, full of little people force, that is...)
After unloading and getting geared up, off we headed, on our adventure!
For the first half an hour or so, we had to make our way down the hill/mountain, entrenched on this crazy "road" (if you can call it that!) of sand, with the sides taller than me!  Good thing we didn't run into anyone coming up the mountain, 'cuz we would've had to back up a long way to let them pass!
After we got down the mountain, the terrain opened right up to spectacular views as we rode along the river.  Incidentally, this is the same river that we often stop at on our way through Jasper for a nice, cool walk (look way, waaay down that post!), so it was neat to see it at a different point.
The fun thing about quadding here is that there's lots of sand dunes, so the men had lots of fun running up the dunes, and most of the little people wanted to get in on that action too! 
We stopped at one point to have a picnic lunch along the river...
...and then, in the afternoon, when it got hot, we had a bit of an unconventional water fight.  With quads.  And rangers.  I think Hannah and Art were the instigators on that one, but they also ended up the most muddy!
And what fun would a day out quadding be unless someone got stuck?!  All I can say is, "It wasn't ME!"  But no worries - that's what winches are for!
All in all, this was a pretty darn near perfect day... spent with family (and friends)....
...enjoying each other's company.  And the view.  Wow!  What a view!

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