Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This week has been cold.  Really, really cold.  And we've had snow.  Lots and lots of snow.  But, truth be told, it really is beautiful.  Even if it means that my husband spends 3 hours plowing our driveway, plus a few of our neighbors.  We get treated to beautiful sunsets.  And it looks clean.  And fresh.  And cold!
The snow has definitely put me in the mood for Christmas, and my house is now put back together, after being pulled apart.  My Christmas trees are up.  My nativity scene displayed.  And tomorrow?  Christmas shopping.  With no children.  Just my man and me.  And maybe Sunday too...(thanks, Auntie Frieda!)
It's supposed to get above zero tomorrow, so hopefully, some of the 40 cms. of snow that we got over the last week will start to melt.  And make a slushy, dirty mess.  But I won't complain...because it'll feel like Spring after the -25C that we had earlier this week!

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