Sunday, November 17, 2013

Snuggle In

We got over a foot of snow yesterday around these parts.  Seems like winter is here to stay.  I hardly feel ready, yet I know that Old Man Winter won't wait for me.
Today after church, we all changed back into pajamas and piled on the couch to snuggle in.  Ellie Mae cuddled with me for about 2.9 minutes, after which she abandoned me to play checkers with her older sister.  Abby still sits with me, under the same blanket, plugging away at a book she needs to get through for school.  Hannah and Art lay opposite me...and I hear slow, methodical breathing from the man of our house, while Hannah occasionally whispers about things she's found on kijiji that we "must" buy.
These are the days that I want to be permanently etched in my memory.  The days of all my people around me.  The days of falling asleep on the couch while little girls quietly giggle, and older girls still wanting to be around their parents, not yet consumed with friendships and wanting to "get out" on a Sunday afternoon.  And I know that these days are fleeting.  And they are passing all too quickly...
So today on this Sunday, this day of rest that God has given us, I'm snuggling in with my family.  With my napping husband and giggling girls.... and I hope you get to do the same!

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