Saturday, March 14, 2015

Adullam Decorating

We've had such amazing weather 'round these parts for the last couple of weeks.  Ah. Mazing!  The Girls have been spending loads of time outside, and are anxiously waiting for me to bring out their bikes.  Problem is, I know that we will still have snow at some point... maybe Sunday, even.  And every year, I wash all of their winter outerwear, and then it ends up snowing, again, and I have to do it all over.  Not this year.... I hope! 
Ellie Mae was outside the other day, doing some decorating of the yard.  When I saw what she had done, I'm not gonna lie, I had a bit of a lump in my throat.  There are many times that I'm brought to tears as I think about, and am thankful for our life on the farm.
Adullam, which is Hebrew for place of refuge, is what we named our ranch years ago, when it was just a hope, a wish and a dream.  It's been exciting to see how The Girls have taken the name 'Adullam', and run with it.  We'll often find our brand or name of the ranch in different places, and they use it in their play also.  I love it!

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Mary said...

Great job Ellie Mae!