Thursday, March 26, 2015

Another Addition

Hannah has been working and saving for the last 9 months to buy a puppy.  She's been very specific in what she's looking for.  She wanted a border collie/Australian shepherd cross.  And she wanted a female.  After months of searching and saving and waiting, we came across a puppy that we thought would be a good fit.  The only problem?  He's a "he"....not a "she".  Hannah decided that she'd take a male, and I'm not sure who's more taken.... the puppy with Hannah, or Hannah with the puppy. 
Meet Bandit.  He came to us at 6 1/2 weeks, because his mama had died a few weeks prior.  Poor little guy....
 Bandit LOVES Hannah.  LOVES her.  He wants to sit at her feet, and be with her at all times.  It's really quite sweet...

The other day, Hannah wasn't feeling well, and was laying on the couch.  That little guy wouldn't sit still until he was laying beside her, his nose buried into her hair.  He didn't want me...or Art.... just Hannah.  Frankly, I think it's a match made in heaven.
Of course, all The Girls want in on the puppy action, and they've all been "helping" to care for this little guy, but you can tell already where his loyalty lies.... and it's all good.

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Mary said...

Sooooo cute. Congratulations on your new puppy Hannah.