Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Here's a whole boatload of randomness for you today.  There is absolutely no rhyme or reason...just random:

1.  I'm making granola right now.  I'm telling you, if I could make this scent and put it into a candle, I'd be a millionaire!  Art and I have granola. every. single. morning.  For real.  Add it to some yogurt, and you've got yourself a healthy, yummy breakfast.  And it smells good too! 

2.  I was at the bottle depot today.  Twice ('cuz I'm a sucker for punishment!).  And is it just me, or do they ask everyone, "Have you counted your cans and bottles?"  Ummm, NOPE!  Isn't that what your job is?  I mean, I know I brought in 10 garbage bags of bottles... but really?  Am I supposed to keep a running tally every time I send one of the girls out to the garage to put a can in?  Or am I just being ignorant to the ways of bottle depot-ing?  Help me out here, friends! 

3.  We cleaned out the chicken mansion on the weekend.  I was kinda dreading it, but I am telling ya, once we all donned our carhartt's, we were a well-oiled-chicken-poo-cleaning-machine! (I'm not sure if that's something to be saying out loud, but whatevs.)

4.  Molly is becoming a chicken whisperer.  Most days, she'll go out and hang with the hens, putting some scratch on her pants and sitting very, very still.  After a few minutes of this, she has them eating out of her hand.

5.  Moses is kinda crippled these days, and he's decided on a new mode of transportation which he LOVES.  The only problem is when I'm driving, sometimes his foot hits the gas.  Then it makes things a bit sketchy.  Oh well, he's a senior citizen, and he's gotta have a bit of crazy every once in a while!
5.  These little girls, they like to giggle.  A lot.  I hear them whispering and giggling in the morning, during school, while doing chores, when we're out doing errands, and when I tuck them into bed.  They giggle and giggle and giggle.  I like it.  A lot.  I hope they'll always enjoy each other this much!

6.  Our turkeys are getting butchered next week.  I can hardly wait to see how much those bad boys weigh.  We raised 9 of them this year, and the plan is to keep 2 and sell 7.  They are all pre-sold, so that's good.  The Girls will be paying for the processing, and keeping the profit.  They are pretty excited about that!
7.  Guess who's the new 4-H Sheep leader?  Oy!  Heaven help us all....
8.  The other night, I saw the reflection on the house from this:  Need I say more?



Mary said...

I love randomness! So are you going to share the recipe for granola? I am sure homemade would taste a lot better than store bought and be cheaper too. The girls are adorable as always.

stephanie said...

I love randomness! As for the cans/bottles, if you do have them pre-counted (especially in a big bag), they don't question it and it saves time. :)