Monday, June 25, 2012

Back Woods Beauty

Every summer, we try and pick a spot on our property to do a project.  For the past number of years, we've been wanting to tackle our back woods, and have started, in the past, but never finished.  This year, we started....worked and worked and worked and worked, and finished.

Our back woods is full of stinging nettle, rotten, falling down trees, waist high grass and some healthy trees.  We've been wanting to make trails throughout the area, and so we did.

There's a company in our area that contract their services to the power company to cut down trees and maintain the area around power lines.  After they've cut down the trees, they chip them all up, and are always looking for places to dump the mulch.  This year, we were the lucky recipients of 4 dump truck loads of mulch.  And the best part about it?  It was all free...As in, it didn't cost us a penny!

Here are a few of the before pictures....

The brush was so thick you couldn't even walk!

And....the after pictures....

I am very, very glad that this project is all done... and my sore body is too!  I don't think I want to see another shovel full of mulch for quite some time!

We also did the area in the front, around and underneath the girls playhouse, so that has tidied up that area nicely.  Now, we can enjoy the trails for the rest of the summer....along with the swarms of mosquitoes!

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Mary said...

It looks absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. Good work!