Friday, June 15, 2012

Only the Strong Survive

A few weeks ago, we were woken up by the Girls running into our room, yelling, "There are chickens in the yard, dead chickens in the run and we can't find the rest!"

So we hustled outside to find 3 dead chickens in their run, 3 chickens (clearly suffering from Post Traumatic Stress) in the yard, and the remaining 10 were gone!  We walked all over our property and our neighbors, and the only thing we could find were piles and piles of feathers....  Either the coyotes or foxes had found them, gotten into their house in the night, and had a feast.

We were all so sad, especially considering that our new layers aren't laying yet!  Two of the remaining chickens kept laying, but the other one, who looks fairly gimped, hasn't laid an egg since.

Then, about 2 weeks later, in the middle of the day, Art was in the shop and heard the chickens going nuts.  He ran out there to see the tail end of a fox...he got 2 more chickens.

So now, we have one lonely chicken left.  And the kicker?  It's the gimped one, who hasn't laid a single egg since "the incident".... She's quite lonely....and afraid!  Every time she hears a noise, she runs back into her house... She lives in fear.  In fear of the fox.  All alone.  With only her imagination to occupy her thoughts (dramatic enough for you?!)

Sadly, our egg supply has dried up. And the Girls income has dried up. And we have to go to the store and buy eggs, which is killing me! I'm hoping that the new chicks start laying sooner rather than later... only 10 more weeks to go.

Rest In Peace, chickens....

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