Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Recovering from the Looong Weekend

This long weekend turned out different than we had planned, but it was good.  Friday night we relaxed and hung out, and Saturday morning at 6 am, my nephew and his girlfriend showed up on our doorstep from BC.  It was an unexpected surprise, but fun to visit with them for the weekend.

They came to hang out with my other nephew who has moved here and is living with us, so it was good for brothers to be together!

They spent some time at the mall on Saturday since we had previous plans, and when we came home Saturday night, we arrived home to no power.  It had been knocked out by a huge storm we had.  Not such a big deal, but when our power is out, our garage door doesn`t open, and since we have no house key, it can be kind of a big deal.  Thankfully, I`d left a door unlocked (phew!), so we were able to get in the house!

The next morning, the power STILL wasn`t on, so we ended up going into town for breakfast, and then took our nephew to the new Cabela`s in the city, which they enjoyed.  When we arrived home, just after lunch, the power had finally come on.  Thank goodness!  The great thing about living in the country is that when you have no power, you have no water.  Very fun with a house full of people.  The other nice thing about no power is that your sump pump doesn`t work, and when your sump pump doesn`t work, and you get inches of rain, you have to go and manually empty out where your sump pump is, every few hours.  All.  night.  long.  The last great thing about having no power is that your very full fridge(s) and freezer(s) don`t work, and you lay awake all night hoping that you`re not going to lose the hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of meat you have sitting in your said appliances.  Thankfully, they were so full that everything stayed cold as it should!

After all was said and done, we were without power for about 15 hrs.  Not so fun, but boy was I thankful for it when it came back on!

Sunday afternoon, we took my nephews to shoot gophers and ride horses, which they quite enjoyed, and then headed back home for the evening.

Monday morning, we woke up, once again, to NO POWER!  I could`ve screamed!  So, instead of making a big breakfast for them before they headed out, they headed for home.  Just after they left, the power came on, but we were without for another 5 hrs.  My goodness!  This summer has been full of many, many storms and rain for us!

Monday afternoon, my parents arrived here for the evening, and headed out first thing this morning for home.  Thankfully, we had power though!

Hopefully your weekend went a little smoother than ours...!

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Mary said...

Our weekend was very nice. Friday I had a Family Planning Conference for our baby; Saturday we did absolutely nothing; Sunday we went to the 12th street music festival - it was really hot out at 30 with lots of humidity (not feeling so good when we got home); Monday had friends over to play games. They joined us for waffles with homemade strawberry syrup for breakfast at 9:00am and then lunch and a steak barbeque for dinner. We played games when we were not eating. It was a very good day. Sorry to hear you ran into some snags. No power sounds like fun but reality is when it is out for more than a couple of hours it can be a pain in the butt.