Monday, August 20, 2012

Red Neck Sleds

We went to Cabela's recently and they had their winter sleds out already.  The Girls loved them....sat in them, layed in them, played in them.  After we left, we talked about how great one would be to pull behind the quad in the winter.  Art often pulls the Girls on a sled, but it's never big enough for all of them, and they end up with face fulls of snow as they bail off of it.  So, we took the plunge. 

We now own a new red neck sled.... I like it!  We got the biggest one, so that they the Girls would all be able to fit in it.  We can also use it for bringing wood up to the house from the back bush, and all other sorts of things.  At least that's how we justified the purchase in our minds!

It seems crazy that we're buying a sled in August, but I'm sure once the snow starts flying, we'll not be able to find another sled like this.  Isn't that how it works, always?  Anyhow, winter is coming....sometime in the (not so) distant future. 

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