Friday, October 19, 2012

The Weekend....Finally!

Well, I finished the day out yesterday and went to bed early.  I got my beauty rest in, so scary Mom didn't make an appearance this morning.  Yay for everyone! 
Hannah and Abby were babysitting (kinda) this morning, so I dropped them off at a friends house at about 8:30.  It's actually pretty great, what happened this morning.  Hannah will soon be 12, and we have numerous friends asking her when she's going to start babysitting.  I won't let her yet, nor is she quite confident enough to start, but this morning, while my girlfriend was out substitute teaching, the big Girls watched her little girls.  All the while, her husband works from home, so he is home in case the Girls needed something.  It's a great little way to introduce them to the world of babysitting, while building their confidence and making things seem not too overwhelming.  And, to boot, the Girls both got paid....which they were very excited and surprised about.
It's definitely times like these that I (once again) realize the importance of community.  I've said for ever and a day that it takes a village to raise a child... and I am so very thankful for the friends that God has put into our lives to help us bring up these Girls. 
While my older 2 were "babysitting", I dropped the little Girls off at Art's office to clean it for him, and I popped out to the barn to get a ride in.  It was a great little break for everyone, I'm thinking.  And now, here we sit, in our cozy warm house, everyone having some alone time, and I'm just waiting..... Waiting for the weekend to start.  It is Friday, you know.  And you know what that means at our house.... pizza and a movie!  Even though I'm not "at work" (oh wait.... I'm "at work"  all.  the.  time.), today I find myself watching the clock....waiting for Art to get home so that our weekend can begin. 
Happy Friday, y'all!

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