Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big Days for Little Girls

We've had a few little ladies here with Big Days. 
First of all, Molly's been talking about a loose tooth for oh, about 2 years.  Every once in a while, the topic comes us, and she remarks, "Well, I have a loose tooth...."  And then we all promptly forget about it. 
 Sunday night, this topic, once again, came up, with the typical, "Well, I have a loose tooth...." 
Uh huh.  Yup, sure.  Right-O.  Apparently, this time, she wasn't kidding.  Monday morning, during breakfast, she (finally) lost her first tooth!  I was in the shower, and up she came, looking just a little bit pale and a little bit shaky, holding her little baby tooth in her hand...."Mom!  Guess what?!  I just lost my first tooth!  Umm....what do I do now?!" 
Thankfully, she has a bigger sister who just loves to take care of, and get into everybodies business.  While Molly was talking to me, Abby was scurrying about, getting toilet paper to put the tooth in, getting the Tooth Fairy pillow.... And all was well.  This 7 yr. old is pretty excited to have finally lost a tooth!
Secondly, Ellie Mae has been talking and talking about getting her ears pierced.  For quite some time.  And every time the subject comes up, we say, "Oh sure.....maybe next time when we're in the city we can take you to get it done..."
Monday, the older 3 Girls were at a writing workshop, so I decided to finally take Ellie Mae in to get the deed done. 
She was fairly quiet on the way in and when we got to the store, she quietly picked out her earrings.  She quietly hopped onto the high chair to sit while they marked the spots, and kazam!  It was done!  She didn't want to look in the mirror to see how they looked, but instead, cuddled for a few minutes.  Then, we had to go and celebrate with hot chocolate and a cookie! 

She didn't want to tell her older sisters, but instead, "See if they notice..", which Hannah did at lunch time.  Ellie Mae proudly showed off her new earrings to her sisters, beaming with pride while saying, "I didn't cry as much as Molly did..."

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