Thursday, January 31, 2013

My Score!

This past weekend, Art wanted to go to the gun show and sale in the city on Sunday afternoon.  We, got a sitter (thanks, Auntie Frieda!) and headed in to the 'big event'.  I've never been to a gun show before, and I must admit, I had some preconceived ideas about what it would be like.  And let me tell you friends, every preconceived idea that I had was for a reason, and I was pretty dead on in what I thought it would be like.... I wasn't disappointed!
Let's just say that there are different strokes for different folks, and leave it at that.  There were 2 good things about the show, though.  One of them was that we saw an old customers of Art's there.  Art did the cabinetry in their old farm house a number of years ago.  The customer found out that I love old junky stuff, and every time Art trekked out there, he'd come out of their house to find "junk" (otherwise known as treasures, to me!) put in the box of his truck.  And his customer would say, "Take this home to Teresa.  I think she'll really like it!".  And Art would bring it home, and I would love it!  Anyhow, for a number of years now, he's been threatening to clean out his barn, and this time was no different.  He told us that come Spring, he gonna be a cleanin'.  And when he does, he'll give me a call to see if I want anything.  Most likely, I'll have two words.... "Yes, please!"
The other good thing about the gun show was that I got a couple of shirts there.  Now I know what you must be thinking...."Really?  Shirts?  At a gun show?  C'mon!"  But it's true!  There was a guy selling Army surplus good, so I picked up not one, not two, but THREE shirts from him.  I got one green shirt, and two white ones.  They're good, old fashioned long underwear shirts, and get this....they're MADE IN CANADA.  You don't find that every day!  The white ones were made in 1988.... but whatever.  They never go outta style, right?  The best part of the shirts?  They were only $5!  Score for me!

I think that this shirt is gonna keep me nice and warm, especially when the weather is so frigidly cold, like it has been over the last few day!
Wait!  There was one more good thing about the gun I guess that makes 3 great things about it.  The last thing was that I got to hang with my hubby for the afternoon, and chuckle together about how people are different.   Some, so very, very different.  It was a good time had by us!

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