Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All Done

Yesterday, we tore the house apart.  Not literally, well, kinda.... Let me explain:

We usually take down all of our Christmas decorations - tree and all, on Boxing Day.  This year, Art sister ended up spending a few days with us (yay!), so we decided to spare her the pain of seeing the house in pieces, Rubbermaid bins everywhere, while we tore down the house...or at least all the decor.

So, at the crack of dawn (or 10 am, when I actually got up), I went downstairs and we started.  We put the little slaves to work (who better to take off the tree decorations), and all 6 of us working got everything taken down in 2 hours.  2 HOURS!  Here's where I have the issue.  Why is it that it takes 2 WEEKS to put up all my decorations (actually, it took 2 full days this year, but I had issues...and a deadline!) to put everything up, but all  of our (my) hard work comes undone in 2 hours?!  It's not right, I tell you.  Not right!

Anyhow, after taking everything down, of course, all the "re-decorating" starts all over.  Finding a special something to fill this corner, or the mantle.... You know how it goes!  I haven't quite finished all of that, but I did get my house clean, which it desperately needed after being pillaged!  It still feels fairly empty and dark...no little lights twinkling all over the house.  But here's the good news: we won't have to sell another child to pay our electric bill next month!

And all of this is done just in time for Hannah's birthday party tomorrow.  I can hardly believe my firstborn will be 10.  Double digits, baby! 

In the midst of all of my slaving (and shopping - I had to go the city today to check out the deals), I am in the process of making her birthday cake request: 
Chocolate cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting.  No more barbie cakes for this girl.  She has become high maintenance and very grown up in her birthday cake request.  Usually it's about how I can decorate the cake.  Not this one!  I made this cake for Art's birthday a few years ago, and she has never forgotten it!  She figures, it's her turn now!  Ah well, I think that it is less work for me....

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Anonymous said...

oh many that sounds yummy. wish I would've come for pizza and cake. Melanie