Saturday, January 1, 2011

Another Birthday

On the 30th, we celebrated Hannah's 10th birthday.  She entered double digits!  For her party, she wanted to go and see the movie Tangled, and then have a sleepover.

Since her birthday is during the Christmas holidays, it doesn`t often work out that many friends can make it.  However, she had two friends that were able to join us.  All of us wanted to go and see the movie, as well as one of Molly`s friends and Auntie Frieda, so we took up a few rows at the theatre and had a good time!

 After the movie we headed back to our house for pizza...

 ...and cake!
 The next day, after we took the girls home, Hannah opened her presents from us.  She was very excited to get some new clothes for Kaya, her American Girl.
 As well, Nana and Grandpa bought Hannah a beautiful Pandora charm bracelet.  For the money she received from her birthday, Hannah was able to purchase her first charm for the H
 After picking out the charm, we headed over to Moxie`s for a late dinner.

 While we waited for our food, of course, this is how Hannah spent some of her time.  Reading....on her new Kindle.  This is a very familiar picture in our house!  She didn`t even notice when I took the picture!

After a great few days of celebrating her birthday, I asked Hannah what her favorite part was.  Her response: `Spending time with my family!`

Oh, how I love this sweet little lady, who is growing up so quickly...

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