Tuesday, January 11, 2011


This past weekend, we got a HUGE dump of snow....to the tune of about 18 inches.  Roads were terrible (we didn't leave the house!), and Art spent a good 3 hours out on the quad, clearing our driveway and road.  The girls bundled up and headed out to enjoy the snow.  In some places, it was up to Ellie Mae's waist!  Art cleared a path for them to walk up the hill (which is now covered in snow), and they played for hours outside
 Hannah has this down to a science...she has a "new way" to keep the little girls bundled and warm

 Ellie Mae stands up on the back of the sled, and Hannah sits on the front down the hill.  It was a riot to watch!
 We'll have to get these girls into snowboarding soon...
 One of the things I love about the snow is the peacefulness of it.  Everything is covered, and it just is....quiet.  And beautiful!

 Check out the bird feeder!
When the snow came, it was quite a nice temperature outside.  Now, the mercury has dropped to about
-25 C, so it's a little to chilly to be playing outside!  I guess the snow's here for a while....

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lindakatee said...

Beautiful photos. The snow is a winter wonderland. Enjoy. Cheers.